When you are getting ready to install your new swimming pool you will start to think about upgrades from a basic pool.  There are a lot of add-ons that you can do, but here are some of our most popular and I’ll tell you why.

Hot Tub with an Automated Safety Cover/Gazebo

Many people love the idea of a hot tub nestled close to the swimming pool because you are getting the best of both worlds; a place to cool off in the summer and a spot to warm up in the winter.  There are a variety of options that can add value to your backyard, such as a hot tub with a waterfall into the pool, or a hot tub on its own separate deck under a gazebo.covana

A Covana Automated hot tub cover insulates your hot tub and also looks really cool.  It raises and lowers with the turn of a key and will keep out everyone who doesn’t have a key.  The new interior lighting is gorgeous and enhances your spa experience, especially if you have LED lights in your hot tub.  Check out the link and see how awesome they are.  Sterling Covana just added a new ‘desert shade’ that will completely cover the side of the hot tub, helping to keep it cooler in the hot sun while it protects the cabinet from the intense heat.  This is a great new addition to their impressive set of shades and screens.

Safety Cover for the Pool

cover_poolsA safety cover not only adds a layer of protection for you, but it saves you money in chemicals and heating costs.  Cover Pools has a savings calculator that will show you how your investment in a safety cover will pay for itself in terms of spending less on chemicals and less on heating your pool.  Of course, saving a life is priceless.


Kids will climb up the stairs for a ride down a slide over and over again, and a slide is a perfect way to add more fun to your pool, without the worry of adding a diving board.  Unless your pool is sufficiently deep and big, a diving board is a dangerous option, but a slide can be put in many smaller and shallower pools.  Different types of slide and different manufacturers give their own minimum depths of water for safety.  Some cities have their own codes as well, so check with the manufacturer and city to know where you can install your slide.

Saltwater Generator

This is a time saving, headache avoiding, way to add your sanitizer (chlorine) without having to have extra chemicals around.  The Saltwater Generator means you don’t need another chemical to add to your pool, even though it is adding the same thing as chlorine tablets. It also is always on, so you don’t have to worry about your chlorine feeder running out of tablets, leaving you without chlorine!  Also, it will act as an oxidizer, eliminating your need for bags of shock; you just set the saltwater generator to ‘boost’ or ‘super-chlorinate’ and it does it for you.  That way you can oxidize as much as you want, which is great after a big party of kids who have been swimming all day.

Swim Jets

pentair-intellichlor-ic40-salwater-generator-520555Swim jets located in one end of a pool can turn any sized pool into an exercise pool.  Instead of needing a large pool to do laps in, exercisers can swim as long as they like while swimming against the current.  Training for the upcoming Ironman…no problem, just add a jet.badustandart