Here it is!  Print as many as you want and save money!  The Spring Home and Garden Show charges $5.00 at the door, but you and your friends can get in for free if you print off a ticket for each person who wants to attend.  Compliments of us, Tropical Fiberglass Pools and Spas.  Remember to stop by our booth and say “Hi” to Win who will be manning our booth selling Bullfrog hot tubs during the show.

Come to the show to be inspired and find new ideas for landscaping, interior design, exterior design, kitchen, bath, outdoor living the perfect spot for your new Bullfrog hot tub, Interior decor, and see the latest in Green builiding.  It will be a fun two days, so print some tickets and enjoy the show.

Dates: Friday March 8th and Saturday March 9th

Time: 10-7

Directions for printing…

Internet Explorer…Right Click and Hit Print Picture.Home_and_Garden_1

If your are using Mozilla or Chrome… Right Click Image and Hit Copy. Then Paste the image in Word or another similar wordprocessing program and print as many tickets as needed. You will need one ticket per customer.