San Juan started in Seattle, Washington in 1958 and was the first company to apply the then new material of fiberglass to pool construction. San Juan created and leads the one-piece fiberglass pool industry.

With San Juan, you can be confident that we back our fiberglass pools as solidly as we build them. San Juan craftsmen assemble every fiberglass pool with meticulous attention to detail using the highest quality materials available.


Innovation, ingenuity and creativity make San Juan pools the worldwide leader in swimming pool technology. We create custom fiberglass pool designs which offer you numerous advantages that concrete and viyl liner pools cannot match. The satin-smooth finish and rounded corners of your San Juan pool mwill not chip, tear or harbor bacteria and algae.

Manufacturing fiberglass pools since 1958, San Juan has and always will set the standard in the swimming pool industry. Your San Juan fiberglass dream pool is just a phone call away!

San Juan pools are the world’s leader in fiberglass swimming pool technology and have been crafting quality fiberglass pools since 1958.