After over 4 decades in business, Tropical Fiberglass Pools is here to stay!

Neil and Colleen Hardy, the owners of Tropical Fiberglass Pools have been lifelong residents of Southern Utah.

Neil Hardy installed his first fiberglass swimming pool in 1978 in his KOA Campground. From there he went on to continue installing fiberglass pools in Southern Utah for over four decades!

Tropical Fiberglass Pools is now on its third generation with Brandon Empey as the manager of the company. Brandon worked alongside his grandfather daily for over twenty years in the business.

With over 40 years of experience, quality and integrity is the difference that sets Tropical Fiberglass Pools apart. Nobody has installed more fiberglass pools in Southern Utah than Tropical Fiberglass Pools.

The following excerpt is from Aqua Magazine, the top business magazine for pool and spa professionals.

“My grandfather [Neil Hardy] built a KOA campground and installed a fiberglass pool for the guests. This experience motivated him to start his own business, and he continued building swimming pools right up until the day he passed away,” says Empey.

Now proudly on its third-generation, Tropical Fiberglass Pools has been serving Southern Utah communities for over 40 years with a long-standing reputation of strong workmanship, kindness, and integrity. One stand-out customer success story from the pool side of things, Brandon says, is having built three different pools for the same customer after they moved three different times. “They remembered us so fondly,” he says, “that they came back to us to build their second swimming pool. And when they moved again, they bought a third pool from us.”

If you would like to schedule an appointment for more information or a bid, contact Brandon at (435) 817-0782.