About Us

With over 40 years of experience, quality, and integrity is the difference that sets us apart from others. Nobody has installed more fiberglass pools in Southern Utah than Tropical Fiberglass Pools.

After 4 plus decades of being in business, Tropical Fiberglass Pools is here to stay!

Fiberglass Pools offer many advantages that concrete and vinyl pools cannot. They are actually more permanent than the other two types and do not require the maintenance and remodeling that is necessary to keep concrete and vinyl pools looking great.

Fiberglass is more resistant to stains than plaster finishes, and it never needs resurfacing. It is also impervious to algae, 17 times stronger than concrete and quickly installed onsite

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own swimming pool and hot tub…a centerpiece of fun right in your backyard? Imagine walking out of your back door and jumping into the cool, refreshing water on a hot summer’s day, entertaining by the shimmering glow of the swimming pool lit up at night, or maybe just relaxing in your hot tub, watching the kids wear themselves out as they swim the day away.

A San Juan Fiberglass Pool and Bullfrog Spa hot tub are a great addition to any home but it’s one of the most rewarding home improvements you’ll make. It’s critical that you know what to look for in a pool company so your dream can come true hassle free.

Tropical Fiberglass Pools:

  • Have been around for a while
  • Provide glowing references
  • Are easy to work with
  • Have friendly, honest employees
  • Stick to their promised timeframe to complete the job
  • Are still customer oriented after the sale

Tropical Fiberglass Pools in St. George, Utah is one such company that can satisfy all of the above criteria and more. Come in now and see what we can do for you.