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San Juan Fiberglass Pools – The Key To Quality and Strength

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San Juan Fiberglass Pools has been manufacturing quality Fiberglass Pools since 1958. San Juan created, and leads the one-piece fiberglass industry.

Fiberglass Pools are not all the same.

The big difference in fiberglass pools is how the pool is actually constructed. San Juan craftsmen assemble each fiberglass pool with meticulous attention to detail using the highest quality materials available.

Each San Juan Fiberglass Pool is made with a minimum of 5 hand laid layers of fiberglass. What does this actually mean for the fiberglass pool? A stronger fiberglass pool!

Hand laid fiberglass gives a consistent level of thickness throughout the fiberglass pool shell. Of course, this means it is more expensive to produce, but the benefit of this outweighs the cost. Most all of the other companies that produce fiberglass pools construct their pools with fiberglass that is shot out of a gun and in pieces and then glued together.

If you were hanging from a building which would you rather have a rope that is continuous or one that has been constructed with pieces and glued together.

Which do you think is stronger?

A continuous piece is much stronger than one made up of pieces. When you spray fiberglass out of a gun you will never get a consistent layer and your pool shell will be compromised.

We do not use any fillers in our pools. Why is this important? Composite, ceramic and other fillers actually make the walls more brittle and inhibit the flexural strength of the fiberglass. In Independent laboratory tests, our pools outperformed fiberglass pools that use a composite core. Our pools have 70 percent more flexibility, almost twice the shear strength, over twice the tensile strength, and over twice the resistance to impacts.

The construction of a fiberglass pool is almost the same as a fiberglass boat.
There is a reason why a 24ft boat from one company is $35,000 and another company is $65,000. It is due to how the boat is constructed and with what kind of materials.

A San Juan Fiberglass is a beautiful long-term investment in your backyard.

Tropical Fiberglass Pools & Spas are a dealer for San Juan Fiberglass Pools. Tropical Fiberglass Pools & Spas installed their first Fiberglass Pool in 1978. San Juan started manufacturing pools in 1958. Together that is many years of collective experience!

Here are just a few things that some of our customers have to say: